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Jets Accessories (Cell Phones, Car, Watches)

Buy Mom or Dad a sophisticated, yet sporty looking watch for their birthday. For something a little bit more affordable, a cell phone protector case is a unique and convenient gift item.

People love their cars. Consider a Jets seat or steering wheel cover or floor mats for inside the automobile. Jets license plate frame, decal or hitch cover for outside the car is another unique Jets gift idea.


Watches and Time Pieces

Wrist watches have always made a great gift item for family and friends. Time pieces hold sentimental value and people become attached to their watch over time.

Choose from a variety of New York Jets watches, including luxury, dress or casual watches, sport or fashion Jets watches.


Car and Automotive Accessories

You have variety of options when it comes to purchasing a Jets gift for someone that loves cars.

For the interior of the automobile consider Jets seat covers, floor mats and Jets steering wheel covers. For the exterior of the car consider Jets decals, license plate frames and

Cell Phones

Jets Cel Phone Accessories FanStand Charger

If your buying a gift for your son, husband, mom or daughter, cell phone accessories may be the perfect gift item. A cell phone charger or case is a practical gift that displays the Jets team colors and logo.

Also consider a Jets Fanstand to hold your phone upright with openings for ear phones, chargers and other devices to be attached.