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Jets Figures

McFarlane Figures

McFarlane sports figures are renown Rives McFarlane Figurefor their intricate detail and artistry. These figurines have become amazingly popular among adults and youth alike. Buy a gift that is unique and collectible.

McFarlane Toys is the 5th largest action figure manufacturer in the United States. McFarlane Toys action figurines are sold worldwide in the United States and Canada, Europe, Japan and Australia. Todd McFarlane  makes highly detailed models of characters from movies, comics, popular music, video games and sporting genres.  Give a Jets sports figure with a collectible mini-helmet for a great gift combo

Playmaker Jets Figurines

Signed Jets JerseysPlaymaker figures are a great gift idea for your son or nephew in the family. These collectible NFL sports figures include some of the top Jets players. Playmaker offers products as low as $5, which make for a great Christmas stocking stuffer or gift under the tree.  Also, consider a Jets bobblehead for another great stocking stuffer idea.

OYO Football NFL Building Brick Minifigure

OYOs Jets sports figures are designed withOyo Jets Figure eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and other facial characteristics that best represent their real life counterparts! Unique ball design snaps onto hand and allows your OYO to grip and throw. Specially designed, rotating forearms for sports figures to allow for action! Additional joint allows OYO to run, sit, squat, and throw. OYO 

DNA Number – Printed right on the stand is your OYO’s very own unique DNA number. This number can be used to identify your OYO. Look out for special membership offers where you can use your OYO’s DNA to “Play”! 

Each OYO comes with their own stand, which lets you position and pose your OYO for display on any flat surface. Or, snap your stand onto a building block grid and build your own scenes! OYOs play nicely with other toys! OYOs are compatible with other name brand building blocks, so your OYOs can become part of your favorite scene. We encourage you to build and play!